Sound & Stone – Mala Necklace


“Sound & Stone” – Mala Necklace. This carefully hand crafted and blessed Mala necklace with stone and turquoise beads was handcrafted by Joshua Spendlove. Each bead is hand chosen with purpose. The pendant and necklace was delicately created with top quality materials:

Wooden beads, yak horn, genuine turquoise beads, genuine obsidian beads, glass beads, hand made tassel, carved bone pendant size: 1.5in.

Here at Satori we believe that each bead resembles the walk of life, our progression. Each one is uniquely colored differently ever so slightly, to tell a beautiful story. You are perfect, divine, in-tune and aware. Wear this as a reflection of you, to remember your divinity every step you take along your journey.

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Bone, Horn, and Stone 108 Prayer Mala.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 17 in


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