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We believe in living spaces that are relaxing, bright and inviting. Our name – Satori means “sudden enlightenment” and thats exactly what plants do for our homes.  In 2018 we wanted to share our love for gorgeous plant filled spaces and connect with our beautiful community of Bentonville, Arkansas. We thought, what better a way to share than to set up a plant swap downtown and meet the wonderful people at the farmers market. In 2019 we created the first Plant Swap of Northwest Arkansas and began meeting the plant lovers in the area. We met so many wonderful people, some of which grew to become our greatest friends.

Josh and I built our brand from the ground up! Josh has a background in fine art, interior design, woodworking and horticulture, while I have a background in graphic design, website development and art. Together we crafted & curated the Satori Road experience.

At Satori we design ways to bring the outside in with style and innovation. We build handcrafted plant stands, propagation stations, accent tables & furniture. As well as cultivating many varieties of tropical indoor plants in our very own greenhouse. Every time we share our products, we build new relationships with people and believe we are sharing life with our community.

Madi Lynn Spendlove

Josh Spendlove

Josh and I have had a love for plants and design since we were children. We both have fond memories and stories from our youth that began our journey into the wonderful world of plant parenting.

Growing up in Fort Walton Beach Florida I remember and the excitement I felt each time we would have the chance to visit the large nurseries and greenhouses full of exotic tropical plants. We would bring beautiful plants home and plant flower seeds in our garden. I had a large vining jade pothos that was my very first house plant, and is still one of my favorites.

Josh’s background in plants began very young on frequent visits to his grandparents home in tropical Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where large tropical plants, the kind all we dream about, were everywhere. From the tops of mountains all the way to down the edge of the shore – nothing but jungle.

We both have a love for plants, and we love to share that love with our family and friends and community..

Our products are designed to help you grow plants where you live. Plants bring life and our homes are meant to GIVE life.

Let us share in the journey together.