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REVITALIZE: Is a nutrient formulated using a special blend of minerals & vitamins. It encourages rapid root development while helping to minimize stress. This solution contains specific micro nutrients and root enhancing agents. This product is carefully formulated to initiate and nourish new root cells.

Perfect for plants that have had the roots broken up during re-potting and are showing signs of stress. Also great for water or soil propagation. This is a concentrated formula. Make sure to dilute properly. See recipe below.

To use: 2 tbs per gallon of water.

Add to watering can and water plants as normal. Or add to mister bottle to feed your plant foliarly.

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We offer “re-potting services” and re-pot the plant for you! It’s easy! We have the right soil blends for every plant – taking the guesswork out of the repotting process. If you’re looking for the perfect gift or taking the plant home for yourself, let us re-pot your plants for you.


Our highly-trained Plant Specialists can go over care specifics of your plant species. Our specialists will talk with you about soil science, watering techniques, and proper lighting for your plant and answer any other questions you may have. You can walk away confident with tips and new techniques on caring for your new plant. We care about the longevity of your plants and want to see them thrive for years and years to come.

I love re-potting with first-time plant parents… Months later, they come back happy saying how well “Princess Peach” (their plant) is doing. 🙂 #happyplantparents

Madi Spendlove

Owner | Co-Founder , Satori Road