Peperomia Ginny Baby Rubber Plant

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4” POT

This beautifully variegated variety is a flowering epiphyte plant species. Ginny’s fleshy succulent type leaves with random white variations look amazing in any space.

BOTANICAL NAME: Peperomia obtusifolia ‘Variegata’


FOLIAGE TYPE: Bushy/Glossy

LIGHT: Your Peperomia Ginny can survive in lower light situations, but does best in bright indirect light.

WATER: Drought tolerant allow soil to dry out between watering, you do not want to over water this plant and allow the soil to become waterlogged!

SOIL: URBAN JUNGLE MIX™ - well-draining soil

HUMIDITY: Peperomia Ginny will benefit from having additional humidity so daily misting or a humidifier is a good way to go.

TEMPERATURE: Prefers average to warm temperatures, 60-80 degrees.

FOOD: Once a year in early summer with a 50% diluted balanced fertilizer.

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