Hey everyone!! We are so excited to have our first “Community Plant Swap” here in Bentonville, AR. Local and Loving it! Do you love plants? Want to meet other plant enthusiasts in your area? Looking for advice and tips on your houseplants? Well… Join us for our first official plant swap Saturday, June 8th during the Farmers Market on the Square in Bentonville, AR. We’ll be on the lawn answering questions, trading plants, and making new friends! See you Saturday morning for the first Satori Plant Swap! Here are some tips on how to have a successful plant swap with your friends.

This is a “FREE TRADE” event.

You bring a plant and we will trade you one of ours, or trade with someone else in the community.

Ways to transport your plants: You can bring them potted, wrapped in a damp cloth or in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel. Pretty much in any way, just as long as you keep the roots or clipping moist. Allowing the plant to dry out will result in an unhappy and untradeable plant.

Rules: No pests on plants.. and that pretty much it.

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