Water Canyon: A Sacred Spring

by Madi | Apr 8, 2018 | Travels

Friday morning I wake up and see my Josh already awake looking at me. The first thing I say, after I love you, is “Lets go on an adventure today.” – And so we did.

The drive out to Water Canyon was amazing with the miles of vast plains filled with Juniper trees. The rocky nature seemed sparse, but full of life. As we got closer, huge flat top mesas start to appear in the distance. “The terrain has changed,” I thought. Josh says it reminds him of the old western movies with Cowboys and Indians roaming the country on horse back. Ha, what a trip! We were miles from civilization only red sand and rock as far as the eye could see.

As we arrive the at the beginning of the canyon I notice a beautiful sound, it was the sound of an abundance of water dancing freely in the excitement of early spring. I start to get excited about what’s a’foot. 

The area is filled with evergreens; Tall Ponderosa Pines, Utah Juniper, and shrubby Manzanita. Tall grass-like plants brought a feeling of enchantment, as if we were walking into a sacred space. The wind carried an energy of ancient civilizations that once walked the very earth we now traverse.

I can tell that spring is coming. Josh, Jake (our dog) and I started our way towards the spring. The trail is completely covered in sand… and tiny rocks. We quickly removed our sandals to feel the warm sand beneath our feet, then journeyed on feeling nature as we walk through the ancient trees and rocks. We notice a large arch carved out of the mountain high above us. I started to feel each grain of sand and remembered that with each step I take, I leave my unique energy signature. Today I bring love, light and healing to this canyon.

We continued to climb the path towards the watering hole, finding beautiful desert cacti, blooming fragrant flowers and busy spring bees collecting pollen. We both love to stop and smell the flowers giving gratitude to mother Gaia and all her creations.

Soon the river became closer and the trail opened up into to a beautiful oasis. Huge towering pinnacles of rock with age old pine trees springing with life high above the canyon floor gave us a feeling of humility as we made out way into this sacred space. The rocks around the spring were seeping with water, as if there was a giant underground lake inside the mountain walls surrounding us. We go straight to the spring to fill up our water jug with fresh, clean, 100% pure, real mother-earth given, blessed by the universe H2O. So delicious and so appreciated –  especially by Jake!

I did some more exploring and found this gorgeous bright green lichen growing on the side of the wall near the spring. Absoulety stunning! 


The sky was so blue and the sun was right above us. Josh and I found an amazing over look for us to sit down and have lunch while we enjoyed  the view. “What a perfect day!”  As we finish lunch we “play” in the water, soak up the sun, and fill up our water to take on our journey home. 

The sun began to fall over the slot canyon… it seemed as though the sun were setting. The entire spring was completely shaded within a couple of minutes. What an amazing show! The wind started to pick up, or maybe I was just noticing it now that the sun was gone. So we packed up and started on our way home. 

Thank you Water Canyon. 


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