Red Mountain Trail

By: Josh | Mar 31, 2018

Living in the west and being deeply connected to eastern wisdom, we at Satori have combined eastern philosophy and western tradition in the invention and creation of the Spirit Bead Mala Bracelet.”


Ghost Bead + Mala Bead = “Spirit Bead Mala”

Being both interested in the connection to nature and the spirituality of the Native American Shaman, I have learned about the special protection and qualities of the “Ghost Bead.” Growing up in the desert of the Southwest and spending most of my time in nature I have grown very fond of the majestic Juniper tree. Traditionally, Ghost Beads are made from the seeds of the local Juniper tree. The Juniper seeds are dried and collected after ants have eaten and hollowed out one end of the seed. Then the other hole is made by poking through the hollowed out end the result is a beautiful natural seed bead.



There is a special harmony that results from the interconnection of earth, tree, animal and human, it is believed to ensure tranquility and keep evil spirits away from the wearer. Wearing these bracelets is supposed to grant an individual peace, protection, and similar pieces of good fortune.

Combining the philosophy of the buddhist mala with the traditions of the west we have created the  “Spirit Bead Mala Bracelet.”


Its finally spring, and the weather here in Southern Utah is perfect for communing with nature. What better way to appreciate nature than a wonderful hike through petrified sand dunes, pinyon pine trees and our favorite desert tree: the Juniper tree.

Madi and I began our hike with our dog Jake today on Red Mountain trail. The trail starts up the hill and leads through a forest of ancient Juniper trees, large Piñon pines, Sage brush and Cacti. The meandering sandy red trail is rocky but soon provides beautiful views through the pines of the surrounding mountains scapes. Along the way we observed the cacti in the early stages of developing flowers buds which we are exited to go back and appreciate in a few weeks also the sage is almost in full growth and ready for collection for our proprietary sage and juniper smudge bundles. 


Along the hike we searched under the large juniper trees to look for Spirit Beads that had already been hollowed out by ants and cleaned by mother nature. Many of the seeds still have fruit on the seed and could be collected and cleaned but we like to select the ones that are “ripe” and ready.

We made our way up to the top. The lookout point was incredible, we rested and played in the sun as marveled at the beautiful views and walked barefoot in the warm sand. We felt like we were at the beach… but instead of ocean, we had a magnificent canyon view!

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